How to Set up a Studio for Portrait Photography

Crucial Things That All Photographers Need to Know about Studio Lighting and Setup

Building your own studio is not a very easy thing to do. Sometimes, it is easier, and obviously less expensive, to just rent a professional studio for a couple of hours and do your work. However, if you’re planning to open up a photography business, then you may need to build your own studio at one point. But, before you start buying equipment, take a moment to read this article. Here is what professional photographers suggest that you should include in your studio.

lighteningIf you’re new into photography, then we suggest that you start small, but with high-quality products. In order to be able to take decent photos, you’ll need at least a diffuser box, a white background, and two small lamps. Keep in mind that these are only the basics. For professional photography, you will need a lot more equipment.

A diffuser box is nothing more than a rectangular white covering that you install over a lamp in order to reduce the harsh and direct light that the lamp is emitting. Although it seems like a very simple tool, a diffuser box plays a crucial role in professional photography. There are many different ways that you can use a diffuser box. For instance, if the object that you’re shooting is small, then you can place the box over it, and then point the lamps at the box. If the object is larger, then you may need to use a diffuser for each lamp that you have.

The other essential component for a photo studio is the background. Most photographers use white backgrounds because it is easier to edit the photos afterwards. When it comes to choosing the material for your background, you have two options: vinyl and fabric. One reflects light, while the other doesn’t.

Finally, the lamps. You will need at least two lamps in order to eliminate shadows. For more complex objects, you may need more lamps. Once you have all the equipment, it’s time to set it up. The most common setup is the object in front of the background, and the lights on each side of the object. Use the camera’s flash for additional lighting.

If you’re not a photographer by profession, then it does not make sense to build your own studio just to take few pictures when you can simply hire a professional photographer. Curtis Photography/Videography Inc - Canton is offering professional photography services in Canton, OH and all surrounding areas. Call us at (330) 333-6588 if you’re interested.

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