How Does a Good Photographer Create Lovely Senior Family Pictures?

Tips for Making a Stunning Senior Family Portrait

When taking photos of families and their special moments, spending quality time together is one of the many benefits of being a photographer. Making a high-quality and beautiful senior family portrait takes a lot of skills, passion, and enthusiasm. With a little planning ahead, an expert can make any picture both fun for you and your family. How?

Use a tripod. Many photographers dislike using that kind of equipment. Why? Because it is heavy and cumbersome. So far, those are the disadvantages. When photographing families and making splendid portraits, usually, people are nervous. Some of them just hate being photographed. So, it is a part of your job to help them feel more comfortable during a session. By using a tripod, you will have a steady hand to make marvelous pictures.

Use a manual exposure mode. Picking the right weather conditions, time of the day, and venue, you are in control of all those important elements. If you choose even the best automatic exposure mode, your camera can make the relevant adjustments automatically for each frame. And you certainly, do not want that. So, working with a manual mode is really important.

Lock the focus or use manual focus. If you do not want the exposure or the focus to change from frame to frame, you should lock the focus. So, set your camera and use either a locked or a manual focus. This way, it won’t change from picture to picture.

Concentrate on the heads. What does that mean? You definitely do not want a photo with people’s heads in a boring straight line, right? Draw an imaginary line from one face to another. Try to position family members the way their heads are positioned diagonally or in a form of a triangle. Making some people sitting down and others standing up is an awesome idea.

Get people make unusual poses. Many family members stand stiff and rigid when photographed. In order to avoid making boring and dull family portraits, ask them to bend some body parts but to look natural at the same time. Ask them to put a hand in a pocket, shift their weight on one foot, or to cross one foot over the other.

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