The Different Types of Photographers

How to Determine What Type of Photography Method You Are Using More Often

There are many types of photographers out there. Some of them specialize in only one field, while others specialize in multiple fields. However, every photographer has his/her own way and style of taking photos. This makes it very hard to categorize all the types of photographers out there. But based on the types, methods and techniques used more often, we’ve managed to make several categories. See if you can find yourself in any of them.

photography methodsLandscape
If you love nature and like to stop and just look at beautiful scenery, then you are a landscape photographer. This type of photographers like to spend most of their time outside, adventuring themselves in all sorts of scenarios just to take “the perfect picture”.

This type of photography is very close to landscape, the only difference is that it involves a bit more involvement and dynamism. Wildlife photographers spend a good part of their time observing animal behavior and trying to capture exciting moments in the animal’s natural environment. The pictures resulted can be printed in exhibitions or journals.

An aerial photographer is someone who likes taking pictures from above. And when I say “above,” I mean from the sky. These photographers use skyscrapers, parachutes, air balloons, or planes to capture large views.

Sport photography focuses on capturing decisive moments in sports events. It requires a lot of patience, skills, and practice. Obviously, you also need a very good equipment if you want to take high-quality pictures.

This is one of the oldest genres of photography. Almost everyone is taking portrait photos, either of themselves, or their friends, family, pets, etc. However, a lot of hard work and dedication goes into taking professional portrait photos.

A photographer that deals with wedding and other types of event photography must have very good skills in editing and portraiture.

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