Choosing between a Wedding Photographer and a Videographer

Wedding Photography vs. Video Services

Although this may be one of the oldest debates in the book, choosing between a photographer and a wedding video service provider is still a problem that every bride faces. Obviously, the decision often depends on factors such as personal preferences, budget, and the professionalism of the photography service provider. However, before you make any decisions on your own, take your time to read this post. You may find it very useful.

wedding photography and videographyThe basic question: “Do I need either?”

Many people are asking themselves whether to hire a professional or to have one of their friends or family members shoot their wedding. I can’t stress more on the importance of hiring a professional. Whether you decide to hire a photographer or videographer, you must make sure that you choose someone with experience and knowledge in wedding photography. Under no circumstances you are to let an amateur to record your wedding day.

Since everyone wants to have pictures from their own wedding, the debate often shifts towards hiring a videographer or not. In other words, you must definitely hire a photographer for your wedding, and only if your budget allows, then you can consider hiring a videographer as well.

How much should I budget for wedding media?

It’s is very hard to give figures, especially when each photographer charges different rates. Usually, photographers charge by the hour or event. Some of them offer wedding packages that may prove more economical than others. However, before you budget for for your wedding photography service, ask yourself: How much did you spend on food that lasts only a few hours? How much did you spend on flowers that die the next day? How much are you willing to spend on a wedding album that lasts a lifetime?

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