Behind the Scenes of Wedding Photography

One Day of Wedding Photography Work

There is much more about wedding photography that you can’t see than the things you can. In other words, the people who are photographing your special day are just the tip of the iceberg. There is much preparation and post wedding picture processing work to be done before you receive the final pictures.

wedding preparation photosThe process of preparation:

  • In order to book an appointment, a wedding photographer has to first exchange a lot of e-mails and phone calls with the customers and negotiate the details of the service.
  • Then, the photographer has to organize a meeting with the bride and groom in order to give them a portfolio with different styles of wedding photographs so they can select the one they like most: a more journalistic view of the event, more classic portrait pictures, abstract pictures of details, vintage effects, or a bit of everything.
  • Then they have to prepare the contract and visit the wedding location in advance to see how the light falls and be prepared with all of the necessary photography gear on the wedding day.
  • A good photographer also has to take care of providing back up devices in case a problem with the main camera occurs.

The processing of pictures after the wedding:

  • Selecting the best shots and editing them to perfection definitely takes a lot more time than the actual shooting. This is why it may take a month before your photographer sends you the CD with all of the pictures as well as the wedding album.
  • It takes a lot of time and money to acquire various photo and video editing skills by attending specialty courses. In other words acquiring the skills and experience needed to make your wedding pictures unique also costs money.

wedding day photographyAdditional costs:

But there is more to add to the price of wedding photography and that is: marketing and business consultancy, equipment insurance, travel costs, studio running costs, taxes, etc.

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