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Wedding PhotographerToday is your big day, the dream day, the day that you have been waiting for, all your life. Your wedding day, with all your family and dear friends, gathered together. A day that you want every single moment to be memorized and photographed! Here we come! Curtis Photography/Videography Inc - Canton is the most professional and reliable photography company, that will make your dreams come true.

We are a professional company, who has been taking wedding and portrait photographs since 1980. Our competence and expertise are based on long standing experience, combined with particular dedication in the field and the eye of a real photographer.

Reach us at:

Address: 455 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton OH, 44702
Phone: (330) 333-6588

We are bonded and recognized by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). We are authorized and positively accepted by many professional organizations, more over, by our clients. We are a professional portrait and wedding photographer in Canton, OH that has served a large number of clients in the area, whose satisfaction has been 100%.

Portrait PhotographerIf you are looking for an epic and artistic portrait photographer in your area, contact us! We understand the nature of light, and we can make it work best for desirable results. We possess exceptional knowledge of position, light, and aesthetics, that are needed for the best looking portrait.

Whether you need a photographer for a portrait, wedding, birthday party or any other occasion, you can be sure that you will get the best, desirable and satisfactory results. Our work and photographs have quality, style and a great look. We play with color, shapes, frames and backgrounds, to show you and the occasion in the best light.

We provide our photography services in and out doors, according to your needs. There is no job too big or too small to us. We can deal with any lighting conditions, in a variety of settings. Our professionals apply their skills and talents, by getting the best from any situation.

Wedding photography should reflect the best moments in your life. Captured for ever more to share with family and friends.
Our portrait and wedding photographer works with the highest quality and latest technology, to achieve the best results.

PhotographerWhen it comes to wedding photography in Canton, OH, for any of your special occasions, we will be there and do the job. We do not just take some pictures, we take professional, high quality and great looking photographs. We pay considerable attention to details, and combine it with flare and an artistic eye.

Our professional portrait photographer in Canton, OH, works with your ideas in mind, bringing them to reality. We provide the best quality and desirable results at reasonable and competitive prices. There is no time, place or job we can’t handle. We do everything we can, in order to capture and make every special moment in your life memorable.

If you want to learn more about our availability, services and rates, call Curtis Photography/Videography Inc - Canton

(330) 333-6588

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